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Lubricantes de la mayor calidad

77 Lubricants is one of the largest independent lubricant brands in Europe. 77 Lubricants produces and markets an extensive range of high-quality lubricants and specialties, which find their way into a wide range of applications. Our products are developed and manufactured by specialists who have a wide variety of base oils and additives, which allows them to develop lubricants that comply with the latest standards of the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and International Standardization Committees.

77 Lubricants products are manufactured in one of the largest and most advanced lubricant plants in the Netherlands. This plant, with an annual production capacity of 130,000 metric tons of finished lubricants, has a storage capacity of 17 million liters, more than 60 tanks for the storage of lubricants and various storage facilities for packaged products.

The plant, which has the ISO 9001 certificate, has a fully equipped laboratory, which guarantees full compliance with the product requirements. In addition, the laboratory offers a program for the analysis of the oils produced.

77 Lubricants is proud of its international brand identity offering a sophisticated product of the highest quality in Europe. All of this is possible thanks to the excellent service of the sales staff and technical team, who are the ones that put the products on the market.

All products are sold through local distributors. These distributors can count on the support of the Dutch producer and thus offer the best possible service to the end users.

The combination of commitment and personalized, individual service for our partners and clients is our second nature. Working with us, you can always count on our speed and reliability. Any questions? Contact us for more information.